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Home of Captain Yuron, Lurangel, Fleen the Alien, Hydro the Mako, Tippwing, Gemstar & Friends, Pani Lin's Dash, and Various Fan Art Projects. Written, Illustrated, Animated, Scored and Narrated by Dani, a 15 Year Old Autistic Girl.

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Captain Yuron

The Adventures of Captain Yuron

Captain Yuron, an Earthian Blublex born 30,000 feet above Earth accidentally teleports to the planet "Sarenium" through a black hole. While on a walk, the human princess Salena finds Captain Yuron, the Earthian Blublex asleep along the trail.

Yuron, together with new friends Flappy, the pink Earthian Blublex, Bun-Bun, the jack rabbit, Bounce, the Winged Kirby, Octo, the Adipose, Blec the Grass Bear, Cheko and Cheka, the twins, and Dairy, Salena's dwarf cow, all head off to defeat the pesky villain Malaria.

Episode 1

Main Characters

Captain Yuron
The main protagonist/hero from "The adventures of Captain Yuron" series who is eldest son of the Light family.

He is a super intelligent, cheerful, creature and he even loves watching his unusual metabolism. With his unusual diet, he uses his leaf-shape ears to get chlorophyll from the sun rather than just hearing things.

His own species is a Earthian Blublex, He loves his vast tummy, he rubs it all the time when he's full of so much food he ate!
Flappy is Captain Yuron's girlfriend. Her last name is Sakura and she is one of the other breeds of an Earthian Blublex.

Like Captain Yuron, Flappy has alot of siblings and she's the eldest daughter of the Sakura family. Her whole entire body is warm and blubbery just like her boy-friend. When she's happy, her blossoms on her ears will spin! Just like Yuron, she a has plump blubbery tummy, and loves rubbing it sometimes.
A human princess who was born on the fantasy planet "Sarenium". Salena's parents were turned into animals when they tried protect her from Malaria's father's evil spell.

Salena has a dwarf cow named Dairy, who helps make her special foods that supposed to have milk in it.

She is loyal to Captain Yuron and loves him.
Selena's pet dwarf cow is named Dairy. Unlike regular cows, this dwarf cow's mooing voice is much higher than any other cow would moo. Dairy can make any kinds of milk in her udder like vanilla milk, chocolate milk, strawberry milk, blueberry milk, banana milk, corn milk, soy milk, and even lactose free milk!

If Dairy gets shaken by anybody, her milk becomes a real milk shake! If Dairy gets shaken too often, her milk becomes cold ice cream! Dairy is also a good helper to chefs and bakers (even Cinnamon the Adipose). If a customer is lactose intolerant or allergic to casein, Dairy can change her milk flavor!
The main Antagonist/Villain from "The Adventures of Captain Yuron Series". Malaria is mostly bad, along with his younger sister, Entaomeba. His evil deeds are playing bad tricks on everyone, controlling his army of demons, finding keys to unlock the secrets to turn the sun into a giant star to destroy all the planets in the solar system, and rule the universe!
Malaria's Minions
Every evil villain needs Minions!

Malaria has 16 Minions that help him implement his evil plan!

Selected Images from the Adventures of Captain Yuron